These people tend to be more concerned with their number of followers/friends than most, and are constantly checking theirs and others online stats. They tend to avoid deep conversations.


• Sense of self is built on what he or she has, owns, and has attached to him or herself — both material and symbolic.

• Identifies through status and status signs and values — and is sensitive to their social significance and to their effect in attracting interest.

• May enjoy accumulating symbolic tokens (including online merit badges, smilies, gifts, etc) as status symbols and signs of success and popularity.

• May or may not compete with others (friends, strangers, or general audience) for social rank, but is motivated by status he or she does.

• Believes that visible accomplishments make a good impression and are sociallyrecognized and validated.

• Relationships can be understood in terms of exchange, trade, collecting, and taking possession of things and signs.

• Helps to invest online signs that can be counted and measured with social value; is important to rivalries, economies, and exchange cultures online.

Interests and Behavior:

Rank is relative; Status is social; Position can be counted.

• Pursues ways of supplementing his or her online stats.

• Checks own stats as well as leaderboards.

• Compares own stats to those of others.

• Accumulates friends, symbolic tokens, and other social status symbols.

• Is important to making the social count online.

• May tend to avoid the deep and involved chats and conversations that matter more to relational types.


• Yelp elite

• “Celebrities members on Twitter, any online community, etc

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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