Social Media “purists”. These people are focused on sustaining relationships and the connections they’ve made online. These people tend to participate in social games and someone who contributes content on a regular basis as well.


Goes online for information about friends, events, and social news.

• Derives a sense of well-being from online interactions, and believes in online community.

• Keeps track of what his/her friends are up to, and goes online to “stay in the loop”.

• Tends to participate in online social pastimes rather than pursuing personal projects .

• A member of the audience likely to pay attention when invited and notified, and not likely to miss being online when busy.

• Knows what people are up to, and how to find out if not.

• May participate “as if” she or he feels like an integrated and key member of an online community, but is sometimes playing along.

Interests and Behavior:

• Makes new friend contacts.

• Creates friendly contributions and content — testimonials, notes, comments, etc.

• Participates in social games and interactions.

• Is important to sustaining the “pleasure” of social networking, and is an engine of social interaction.

• Is important to emerging social conventions, rituals, ceremonies, and pastimes — as well as their codes of conduct, etiquette, and subversions.

• Inclined to the social implications of ratings, votes, and signs — and to investing them with a surplus of meaning.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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