Rebels often times show leadership in new technology developments. These people will spend a considerable amount of effort to undermine organizations seeking commercial benefit.


• A frequent heckler given to subverting the social situation at hand.

• May tend to disrupt online chats and discussions for the sake of attention.

• Uses social games and applications to undermine those who take it seriously, to disrupt the activity, to push an agenda, or game the system.

• Might focus on content, a group, or its individual members.

• May only become a heckler when faced with authority (when provoked or challenged), or may simply want attention from an audience, regardless of what it’s about.

• May just heckle occasionally and when annoyed, or might identify him/herself with being in the opposition.

• Might feel superior to others and enjoy showing off or winning, even when doing so requires playing along cynically or disingenuously.

Interest and Behavior:

• Often shows leadership in new technology developments.

• Important to the development of non-commercial social media applications.

• As a fixture of the “hacker” culture, contributes to mashups.

• His or her independence is an indirect source of transactions that drive online marketplaces.

• Heckler subversives — interested in spoiling the fun of others — damage the medium’s reputation.

• A heckler subversive is often drawn to popular sites and applications.

• May contribute positively to the open web, while undermining organizations seeking commercial benefit.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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