They are very critical to making the web the fasted source for quality content. These people tend to be self-motivated and make an incredible effort to help maintain the web as a publishing platform. Pundits often have a niche they focus on such as: technology, sports, politics, etc.


• Considers him or herself an industry leader or pundit, and routinely offers the latest news, opinions, and observations.

• Is personally interested in playing the part of news anchor and industry commentator even if not deeply interested in making news him or herself.

• May believe that he or she has a reputation, an audience or following, and may regularly talk to his or her audience in order to maintain it.

• Can be a regular and consistent participant in online news and publishing, driving subscriptions as well as capturing the attention of audiences.

• Is valuable for his or her role in distributing content and in creating and defining topics, as well as by serving as a channel for news.

• May evaluate experts and their contributions for their insight or expertise.

Interests and Behavior:

• Is critical to making the web the fastest source of news and commentary.

• Is self-motivated and makes the effort to sustain the web’s role as publishing platform.

• Keeps news fresh and dynamic by making announcements.

• Helps to validate the claims of net journalists and blogosphere to legitimacy, authenticity in media and reporting.

• Likely has a focus — the Net, industry, social, product, news, cause, etc — and helps to advance it.

• Helps to build thematic and topical spaces online.

• Pushes and gets behind news — and sees his or her role as a newsmaker.

• Is more likely to be sensitive to reputations, credibility, and position than less serious users.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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