These people tend to be the online organizers and moderators. They usually are less concerned with the personal repercussions of playing a moderating or officiating role.


•Views situations and interactions by means of rules, conventions, characters, positions, or roles, and knows how a situation should go.

• Can wear a public face and use the behavioral codes and rules of a social activity in order to exercise authority without having to do it personally.

• Believes in the social value of convention, normative rules, obligations, and expectations and may pro-actively embody and play the role for the sake of the system, game, or situation.

• Often believes in collaboration and cooperation, and may presume that cooperation is a universally shared belief for the reason that his or her notion of society requires that it applies equally and to all.

• Can be sensitive to, suspicious and distrustful of people s/he believes are insincere, inaccessible, and private.

• Understands relationships on the basis of their abstract organization and meaning and may develop relationships according to their description rather than by personal and gut feel.

Interests and Behavior:

• Is important to social games and gaming applications, particularly those that involve roles and game rules.

• Is often the online game organizer and moderator.

• Is less concerned with the personal repercussions (e.g. on their friendships) of playing a moderating or officiating role.

• Likely to take an interest in the ritual, ceremony, and “trappings” of social games: tokens, points, leaderboards, ranking, game events, etc.

• Can help to keep players in line, on task, and involved.

• Sustains the reality of online games, and helps to make them relevant to those for whom participation may seem a distraction or poor use of their time.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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