Are people who generate a large amount of page views. They’re also inexperienced with interacting online with others and tend to just be online spectators. More inclined to subscribe to people and content.


• Is self-effacing in his/her presence online, may seem shy and be sensitive to what and how people talk online.

• Is drawn to spending time online in part by the lure of the medium and the

private or personal possibilities presented by others, abstractly or in reality.

• Emotional sensibilities may govern his/her presentation style and sense of self.

• Doesn’t draw too much attention to self but may participate and log in

consistently, creating site visits, traffic, and page views by browsing.

• Is often an observant participant, and may serve as a resource to those who spend time online.

• May subscribe to others and follow them online.

Interests and Behavior:

• Generates a large number of page views.

• Characterizes some of the user experience of the passive or non-participating user.

• May subscribe to people and content — and is thus a user of the non-social social media tools.

• Is more likely a user of low-impact and low-participation tools.

• Is possibly more likely to have initial social media experiences on marginal sites — where community is not managed by early adopters.

• Is more likely to be naive about social media interactions — and represents an important market and growth opportunity.

• His or her concerns about privacy, security, safety, authenticity, and so on represent issues to be addressed by social media systems, and which may describe the mainstream potential for social media.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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