These individuals go out of their way to make others recognized and appreciated. They also love to participate on platforms that gather audiences (i.e. Twitter, podcasts, YouTube, Blogging).


Like the pundit, plays a role in providing news and attracting audiences, but is often more socially inclined, and often uses his/her personality and performance to get attention.

• Is a performer at heart, and makes an impression as well as engages the audience by means of wit, personality, and character.

• Can be more interested in capturing an audience than in content itself — and may tactically attract interest in ways considered as strategic or disingenuous by purists.

• Is attentive and responsive to the audience’s feedback and reception.

• Is less interested in being genuine and authentic than in social validation.

• Can keep an audience interested through anecdotes and asides not often used by the serious newsmaker.

• Is sensitive to what interests the audience because keeping and holding an audience is of personal importance.

Interests and Behavior:

• Participates in platforms that gather audiences.

• Is significant for his or her role in moderating online communities, groups, discussions.

• Often makes others feel recognized and appreciated, and acknowledges communication.

• Attracts audiences and helps to create a social center of activity on applications or sites that facilitate them.

• Pays attention to attention.

• Likely to have an interest in tools that retool broadcasting online for their appeal as media: podcasting, RSS, blogs, video, twitter, etc.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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