They see more value in correcting others mistakes. Usually is someone who provides information either through blogging, reviewing, or commenting on a regular basis.


A writer and author, interested in the substance and meaning of content online and not as socially or performance-oriented as the pundit, for whom an audience is a necessary feature of delivering content.

• May feel that audience approval is a measure of his/her understanding, intelligence, accuracy, and insight — not popularity, attractiveness, performance, or even originality.

• Can have a valuable grasp of the multiple perspectives on a topic, the relevant arguments, opinions, and positions of others, and may be interested in making genre, category, and taxonomic distinctions.

• Believes in the information value of online media — may prefer rational and good argument over time-wasting social media opportunities.

• May frequently edit and update content as much to eliminate inaccuracies as to keep it current — believes in the factual version of truth.

• Contributes to the connections and associations of things online, and has value for long tail commerce.

Interests and Behavior:

• Sees value in correcting mistakes, factual errors, mis-statements, etc.

• Sticks to the topic and is interested in topical conversations (eg blogs).

• Is important to the belief that social media can produce better knowledge.

• Is an important contributor, blogger, poster, commenter.

• Sustains the idea that social media use the right process.

• Tends to avoid online socializing for its own sake — and may have fewer personal relations than professional friendships online.

• Takes a committed interest in permanent topical online discussions or publications.



• Some social bookmarking and list-making

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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