These tend to be the people who will flirt, play, tease and joke with their friends online. They are valuable to the uses of friend networks in promotional, commercial, and other uses.


• Has a strong sense of friendship and values companionship.

• In addition to spending time with friends online, and in online activities, may have ideas of loyalty, best friends, inner trust circles and the expectations that accompany them.

• Is usually aware of what friends think of him/her, takes notice of the presence or absence of friends online, and will do what friends do.

• Is familiar with the language and rituals of his or her friends, including ways of talking, insider jokes, and so on.

• Events seen through the lens of friendship and may derive recognition and reassurance of good friends, or suffer from betrayals real or misperceived.

• Motivated more by relationships with those he or she knows; is genuine and tends not to do things for strategic reasons.

• Relationships are the content of communication, and online activities are a vehicle for sustaining relationships.

Interests and Behavior:

• Validates the social utility promised by large social networking sites: that real friends use them.

• Tends to use social media for real event and activity coordination and interaction.

• Is a reason that many new users join social media — his or her friends are there.

• Is valuable to the uses of friend networks in promotional, commercial, and other uses.

• Styles of friendship differ, but those who flirt, play, tease, and joke with friends online create important, if gestural, communication and content.

• Networking among friends draws intense interest from industries marginal to social media — but which see its potential as a threat to their own ability to make and market messages.

(Source: Adrian Chan, Gravity7)


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