Achievers (Bartle)

Also known as “Diamonds,” these are players who prefer to gain “points,” levels, equipment and other concrete measurements of succeeding in a game. They will go to great lengths to achieve rewards that confer them little or no gameplay benefit simply for the prestige of having it.

Single-player appeal to the Achiever

Every game that can be “beaten” in some way, shape or form caters to the Achiever play style by giving them something to accomplish. Games that offer special movies, extra endings, or other bonuses for beating it with a 100% completion rating appeal to Achievers.

Multi-player appeal to the Achiever

One of the appeals of online gaming to the Achiever is that he or she has the opportunity to show off their skill and hold elite status to others. They value (or despise) the competition from other Achievers, and look to the Socializers to give them praise. As they achieve more, they are no longer easy targets of the Killers and may enjoy their new position on the food chain. These gamers also tend to like seeing their user names at the top of scoreboards and ladder systems. Many games cater to these players by offering special titles and a special exclusive mounts to those that place in the top of the competitive Arena ladder. Microsoft‘s Xbox Live utilizes the Gamerscore to reward Achievers, who can get points by completing difficult “Achievements” in the various games they purchase. They can, in turn, compare themselves to other gamers from around the world.

In many ways, the Achiever is the style of play most targeted by the MMORPG genre. In many successful MMOs, there is always something else to achieve; even when the character has reached the highest level, there are usually rare items to obtain and objectives that were bypassed the first time around. Since Achievers can sometimes set very obscure goals for themselves, especially if they feel like they’ll be (among) the first to achieve them, they may spend long periods of time engaging in a repetitive action in order to get one more award.

(Source: Bartle on Wikipedia)

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