Victory Points

A player’s progress is often measured by an abstract quantity of victory points, which accumulate as the game develops. Victory points or similar quantities need not be restricted to development games, but are most common in that type as they ensure sufficient reward for all aspects of development. For example, in a game involving the development of civilizations, there is usually no need to reward investments such as trade and military expenditures, which yield their own strategic benefits. However, a victory point system may be used to reward more subjective aspects of civilization-building, such as the arts.

The winner can be decided either by:

  • The first player to reach a set number of points.
  • The player with the most points at a predetermined finishing time or state of the game.

This mechanic is often used explicitly in German-style board games, but many other games are played for points that form a winning condition. The electoral college of the United States political system is also a well-publicized example of this type of victory condition. Victory points may be partially disguised in the role of game resources, with play money being a common example.

Victory condition mechanics (From Wikipedia)


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