Game Modes

game mode is a distinct configuration that affect how other game mechanics behave. A game with several modes will present different settings in each one, changing how a particular element of the game is played. This is used to vary gameplay, often to avoid the boredom of repetition. Changing modes while the game is ongoing can be used as a means to increase difficulty and provide additional challenge.

One of the most common examples of game mode is the Single player vs Multiplayer choice in video games. Other ones are the availability of a sandbox mode, or the division of game content in stages (also called phases or chapters), where each stage expands the rules that a player can use with respect to the previous stage, thus increasing game complexity.

A game mode may restrict or change the behaviour of the available tools (play with limited/unlimited ammo, new weapons available), establish different rules and game mechanics (altered gravity, win at first touch in a fight game; play with some cards face-up in a poker game) or even change the overall game goals (following a campaign or story vs playing a limiteddeathmatch or capture the flag set).

(From Wikipedia)


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