The Game Mechanics Design Process

3 09 2010

Game Mechanics (see more in the game mechanics section of this site) are a powerful way to motivate and engage your community.

Mashable posted a “How To” on the Game Mechanics design process, and it all starts with a vision.  What are your goals?  Match those goals with behaviors to determine what game mechanics are most effective.  The actual process involves more in-depth analysis and stages of design (to be covered in later posts on the Strategic Synergy site), but Mashable does a great job in presenting the basic process.

Designing a successful game system requires more than simply adding points, achievements, badges, and leaderboards.   It involves an understanding of your community’s motivations.  Talk to your users, and take a comprehensive approach to the gaming UX.  And above all, make sure it’s FUN!

Mashable gives an example using a Pizza site:

The full arcitle is found here:



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